Membership: Fusion Series


Fusion is a term of science, physics to be exact. Fusion is the reaction when two light atomic nuclei fuse together to form a heavier nucleus. In doing so, they release a comparatively large amount of energy.

Fusion is a series of seminars that help people connect to the Vine. When people get connected and involved in ministry, there is a great amount of energy released, and the kingdom of God makes a greater impact on our community, region, and world.

Do you have interest in being a member of the Vine?

Fusion is where that happens as well. To be a member of the Vine, simply attend a Fusion seminar (which is offered every quarter). After attending this seminar you will have the opportunity to fill out a membership application.


Welcome Lunch

It All Begins Here!!


Join us for lunch immediately following worship service (see date on Calendar).

Here is a place to quickly and simply connect with what happens at the Vine. We will discuss the story of the Vine along with the vision God has given for us to pursue. Get the 411 on the Vine and meet some others who are new as well.

Lunch Outline

The Story of the Vine

The Mission of the Vine – What is our Purpose?

The Vision of the Vine – What is our Preferred Future?

The Values of the Vine – What is most important around here?

Question and Answer Time


Fusion takes you a step further to get to know us as a church as helps                                you better understand how to get more involved.

Fusion  involves the following 4 Topics:

(see calendar for upcoming Fusion seminars)

Journey to Meaningful Membership

Seminar Outline

Why Bother to Become a Member?

Observations on Church Membership

Membership @ the Vine

Steps to Becoming a Member

Membership Application

Spiritual Gifts Inventory

Journey to Meaningful Ministry

Seminar Outline

Why Discover our SHAPE for Ministry?

A New Recruiting Method

What are our Spiritual Gifts

Discovering our Heart

Understanding our Abilities

Defining our Personality

The Gift of our Experiences

Your Personal Profile for Ministry

Journey to the Life You’ve Always Wanted

Seminar Outline

The Body of Christ – God Uses Us All

Church History: Christianity Flow Chart

The Christian Life: John Wesley

The Wesleyan Theological Distinctive

Journey to Living On Purpose

Seminar Outline

What does it mean to live “On Mission?”

The Call and Command of Jesus

What is Relational Evangelism?

Why Don’t we Share Our Faith?

Top Ten Most Wanted

Prayer and Living On Mission

Sharing Your Grace Story

Presenting the Gospel

Personal Conversion Retreat