Growing Deep: Loving Others Well

What does it mean to love your neighbor as yourself? How, as Christians, do we practically live out that command? We all grew up learning how to interact with one another through our families of origin, but now that we’re disciples of Christ, do our behaviors line-up with this new family we’re in? Growing Deep: Loving Others Well gives us scriptural and practical guidelines for how to love others and function as maturing members of the body of Christ. Whether you’re new to Christ or have been a life-long follower, this course is appropriate for all levels of maturity.
Offered every winter in February, this course is part of The Vine’s two-course Discipleship Path, and we encourage every regular attender to join us in this as soon as you’re able. It uses Peter Scazzero’s curriculum “Emotionally Healthy Relationships” for teaching and practical exercises. Cost is $22 for a workbook and devotional. $11 for an additional devotional (recommended for couples) Sign-ups are happening now for our 2018 course beginning Jan. 31. For more information, please contact Amanda Hartrich at or sign up here