Sign up for a Fall Growth Group Today!

At The Vine, we believe that life is best done together! So, we want to encourage you to check out one of our Fall 2015 Growth Groups.

Growth Groups are The Vine’s groups of 12-15 people who get together each week in convenient locations to grow spiritually, make new friends and have fun together. Growth groups are a great way to meet new people while growing in your faith!

Growth Groups kick off the week of October 11 and come to and end in November – the groups only last 6 weeks!

This year’s all-church growth group campaign is called Signs: The Miracles of Jesus. This is a study of the miracles of Jesus as recorded in the gospel of John to serve as signs. These signs stretch our faith in Jesus and challenge us to follow Him more closely. Sometimes we are tempted to seek miracles and answers to the difficulties and situations we face. In this study, we will discover how we can seek and discover Jesus, the author of these great miracles. As we look at Jesus turn water into wine, heal the sick, feed 5,000, even raise the dead, we will see that these were opportunities for a new dimension of the life of Christ and the glory of the Father to be revealed. God desires to corporately grow our faith and is going to ask us to apply and respond as the 1st century Christians did. Come as we take a deeper look at the Signs!!

Find a group that fits your schedule and follow through with one of the 4 Easy Steps listed at the end to connect with a group.

Check out our Growth Group FAQ page for more information.


#1 General Group @ 6-7:30 pm in the Ministry Center

Led by: Pastors Christopher and Tammy


#2 Men’s Group @ 6:45-8 pm in Baldwin Hall

Led by Steve Priola

#3 Young Adults Group @ 7-8:30 pm in the Sanctuary

Led by: Bob Keitz


#4 General Group @ 7 pm in the Prayer Room

Led by Barb Kaczmarek


#5 Lunch Group @ 11:30-1 in the Senior High Room

Led by Pastor Tammy

#6 Lunch Group@ 12noon-1 at Wegmans Cafe on Losson Rd

Led by Pastor Christopher

#7 General Group @ 7 pm in the Ministry Center

Led by Paul Burdick

4 Easy Ways you can sign up today…

1. Simply write the GG# on your Connection Card at church on Sunday.

2. Call the church office at 716-683-0570 ext. 5

3. Sign-up at the Events Table in the back of the sanctuary

4. Sign up below!





Select a Growth Group
 #1 General Group Sunday @ 6-7:30 pm in the Ministry Center #2 Men's Group Monday @ 6:45-8:00 pm in Baldwin Hall #3 Young Adults Group Monday @ 7-8:30 pm in the Sanctuary #4 General Group Tuesday @ 7 pm in the Prayer Room #5 Lunch Group Wednesday @ 11:30-1 in the Senior High Room #6 Lunch Group Wednesday @ 12noon-1 at Wegmans Cafe on Losson Rd #7 General Group Wednesday @ 7 pm in the Ministry Center