Growth Groups FAQ

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers:

1) Why should I join a Growth Group?
Growth Groups are a great way to meet new people. We realize it is difficult to get to know people just by coming to church on Sunday. Growth groups give you the change to meet new people, have fun, and learn about God.

2) How often will my Growth Group meet?

Growth Groups meet for anywhere from 6-10 weeks for about 60-90 minutes per week.

3) What will the people be like at my Group?

Growth Groups are basically 12-15 people who get together once a week to discuss the topic chosen.
Some groups are general and open to everyone; other groups are for men or women only, or for young adults and couples. 

4) How can I be sure that there is a Growth Group for me?

  • Convenient locations close to your work or home matter, so Groups are offered all over the Lancaster/Depew area, and often additional places in surrounding communities as well. Once you sign up a group leader will contact you with more details.
  • A variety of Groups allows you to choose your topic to study, along with those who share life experiences similar to yours.
  • There are General Groups, College Groups, Athletic Groups, Couple’s Groups, Mom’s Groups, Fun Activity Groups, and General Groups for anyone!

Semester Details:

  • Spring Semester:
    • Sign-ups begin in January. Sessions start in February
    • Groups last 6-10 weeks
    • Topics vary from group to group and are selected by the group leader
    • Offers a variety of study topics to choose from
  • Summer Semester
    • Sign-ups begin in June. Sessions start in July.
    • Groups last 6 weeks.
    • Topics include both Bible study groups, as well as many activity and fellowship groups for connection. Summer growth groups provide many activities that allow people to have fun and enjoy the summer together.
  • Fall Semester
    • Sign-ups begin in September. Sessions start in October.
    • Groups last 6 weeks.
    • All groups focus on the fall sermon series; as a whole church we will take in a message on Sunday and work on applying it during our Growth Groups.

When to Sign Up:

  • In January: for the Spring Semester
  • In June: for the Summer Semester
  • In September: for the Fall Semester

How to Sign Up:

  • At any Sunday service, check out a brochure at the Welcome Center or sign-up table and let us know on your connection card.
  • Call the church office at 716.683.0570
  • Online
If you have any questions, email or call 716.683.0570